Kii Audio Three BXT System Speakers

This is an absolutely pristine set of Kii Three active speakers with additional BXT Bass Modules in High Gloss white. Each side contains fourteen speakers with each speaker utilizing its own 250 watt Ncore custom amplifier/dac, the system total is twenty eight DSP controlled speakers with a total system output of 7,000 watts. The cardioid dispersion of the side and rear speakers playing out of phase eliminates speaker placement issues in any room. They can be placed inches away from both front and side walls if need be. The BXT Modules provide line array sound dispersion which eliminates floor reflection as well. With a -3db roll off at 20hz and -6db @ 12hz, they play the absolute cleanest and tightest deep bass I’ve ever heard from any floor standing speakers. Much has been written about Bruno Putzeys Kii system and the speakers more than live in to all of the hype.
This set includes the expensive and optional custom flight cases for all four pieces and of course the Kii Controller. There are zero marks, blemishes, or issues of any kind.

Pair of Kii Three speakers
Pair of Kii BXT Bass Modules
One Kii Controller
Four Kii custom flight cases