DCS Puccini SACD player and u clock in excellent condition, all packaging, original factory 230v
dCS Puccini Drawer-loading, dual-laser SACD/CD player with digital volume and balance controls, and upsampling of CD data to DSD or PCM. Digital inputs: 2 S/PDIF on RCA jacks. Word clock In/Out (TTL) on 75-ohm BNC jacks. Digital outputs: 2 S/PDIF on RCA jacks. Analog outputs: balanced on XLR jacks, unbalanced on RCA jacks. Maximum output level: 2V or 6V, selectable. Output impedance: 3 ohms balanced, 52 ohms unbalanced. Frequency response: 10Hz–20kHz, ±0.1dB, Filter 1, CD

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